What is Coaching?

Coaching programs


10X Focus

10X Focus is a one-on-one coaching program, focusing on improving a specific area of a client’s business such as – Sales, Marketing and Team.

Our research has shown business owners have great interest in getting support in these three key areas. 10X Focus is typically delivered as a 12-week program that centres around a fortnightly meeting of up to 90 minutes and a fortnightly questionnaire completed by the business owner. Upon completion of the program, you receive an 80-plus page report - with full colour graphs, charts and detailed strategies.

The program doesn’t have to be run over 12 weeks though, as one great advantage of the Focus Programs is that they can be run over a 3, 6 or 12-month time frame to best suit your individual circumstances and budgets.


10X Rapid

10X Rapid is a range of four report based programs that provide an excellent introduction for business owners to the 10X approach to business development

1) 10X Rapid Planner

  • A comprehensive business plan for operating businesses
  • Used for banks, investors, and business purchases

2) 10X Rapid StartUp

  • A comprehensive business plan for new businesses
  • Used for investors, shareholders and banks

3) 10X Rapid Cashflow

  • Used to improve the cashflow of the business and identify strategies for improvement

4) 10X Rapid SWOT

  • Provides the client with a comprehensive SWOT analysis
  • Used to diagnose strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • This is an excellent tool for a business at any stage of their life cycle


10X Performance Planner & Performance Coaching

10X Performance Planner & Performance Coaching are our flagship one-on-one Coaching Programs. Each is designed for those business owners who embrace the concept of ‘coaching’ but do not want to be part of a group. This is one-on-one coaching delivered in a structured way.

Performance Planner is scheduled face-to-face coaching over a minimum of 12 months (but often 18 to 24 months ). It incorporates a holistic view of the business broken down into monthly topics and includes a draft and final report being produced. The client receives a comprehensive final plan at the end of the program which quite often leads into a membership in 10X Coaching Club.

Performance Coaching is set around a series of six questionnaires used to gather information and create monthly reports for your clients. These reports form the basis for the monthly face to face coaching meetings; they lead to the appropriate strategies, action plans and accountability sessions.


10X Coaching Club: Accelerate & Ignite

Our premium flagship program, 10X Coaching Club, is all about ‘leverage’. Members will learn as much from the other participants as they will from the coach – because everyone in business has a story to tell! One-on-one Coaching is appropriate in certain circumstances but Group coaching offers far more return for your efforts, and includes

  • Facilitating what we call a ‘Coaching Club Day’ every 90 days
  • Regular group meetings or momentum phone calls/webinars
  • Individual and group accountability to their performance goals and actions
  • 24/7 access to a wide variety of online strategies

Our coaching clubs have a maximum of eight businesses at any one time. They are made up of a combination of Accelerate and Ignite members -

Coaching Club Accelerate:

  • Members catch up with the coach on a monthly basis outside of the coaching days and the momentum session
  • This will suit businesses who need more assistance from the coach to keep them on track to achieving their goals

Coaching Club Ignite:

  • Members focus on and achieve their set goals between the coaching club day's without needing the coaches input
  • We find that members usually move from Accelerate to Ignite over time. The time period in Accelerate is dependant entirely on the member, but usually a minimum of 12 months

Please note: there is no fixed timeframe; that is, this is NOT a 12 month membership. Some of today’s Coaching Club Members have been in coaching for over 3 years


Micro Business Mentor Program

This program has been designed as a stepping stone for businesses that need direction and accountability, but aren't quite ready to take on our other more in depth programs. We have selected some specific features from our other existing programs into a simple program to help with the basics and get things in place so you can take that next step. This program is for a minimum of 12 months - or until you and the coach agree that you are ready to move into another programme that fits with where you are at that time.

Personalisation and Customisation

We know that all businesses are different, and that a strict program won’t always fulfil needs. So to enable you to get the best possible results, 10X will help you to identify your individual coaching needs and then construct a program that’s tailored to you.