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10X Hamilton is part of an international business coaching network that has proven itself time and time again. Supported by this network, it provides access to highly trained coaches with significant experience in the small to medium business arena who are available to assist entrepreneurial business owners of small to medium sized businesses who are looking for smarter and faster ways to produce results.

Aligning with a local Chartered Accounting firm, 10X Hamilton offers all the expected business development services, each designed to drastically and positively impact your actual results, with the added security that a Chartered Accountant is having input in all area’s impacting both your financial well-being and general risk management. 

 "It's not about us it's about you!"

10X Hamilton are very passionate about improving the lives of business owners. They have developed and tested all the successful programs available in our portfolio and are well versed in implementing them thereby ensuring that you the client develop the “X Factor” in your business.

10X Hamilton has also been structured in such a way so that not only do you get to work with your local coach on their programs, but where required, you can access coaching strategies on-line at the web site.

Our Results

Businesses with 10X Hamilton report the following:

  • More are encouraged and inspired about their outcomes
  • There are more possibilities and choices open to them
  • They feel more in control and empowered
  • 10X has enriched their business lives
  • The future has become clearer

Why business coaching, and does it actually add any value to your business?

Yes it does.

Think of an Olympic athlete or National team - how many of them don’t have a coach?

In a national team situation you have the best people in their roles as part of the team, but would that team succeed without a coach? The answer is yes – to a degree, but with a coach involved they can get them to the next level. That is the same in business.

The value a coach can provide will vary depending on the situation but how much value do you put on improving your knowledge, confidence and clarity of vision to be able to take your business where you always knew it could go?

Why us?

Our philosophy is that we want to make a positive difference to the small to medium business world and that includes your business. 10X recognises there are a lot of great entrepreneurs around who know a whole lot about their product but need assistance to grow and learn about running a business and/or are spending too much time “IN” their business and not enough time “ON” it.

At 10X, you are taught how to run a business in a more focused manner, how to work ON it via better use of your crucial management time as well as having someone on regular basis hold you to account for what you have said you will do.

10x uses its unique Coaching Club option as a solution or part of the package. This is where a group of like-minded businesses come together to learn and share. How valuable would it be to you to learn from others and know that you are not the only one out there with those problems and maybe – yes maybe they have also had a similar problem and are able to provide a solution!

When you work with 10X Hamilton, you sit down with us and plan where you are going and agree on the initial Burning Issues that we will help you resolve – whether they be barriers to success or key opportunities that need to be harnessed. During your time with us, there will be other distractions caused by the day to day running of your business. They could even be major things at the time which without a clear focus could potentially send you on another tangent totally opposite to your goal. With 10X Hamilton working closely with you, we make sure you don’t get side-tracked or even worse - lose sight of your goal(s).

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

The above is a famous Chinese proverb but something 10X Hamilton feels very strongly about. We aren’t about just supplying answers, but about teaching you strategies and skills so that you have the tools, understanding and ability to keep your business tracking in the right direction.

We are also not the normal coaching business that has a product or two and fits you into a product. Yes – we do have products and one of them may suit your circumstances without any change, but we are more interested in finding out exactly where you need help, what your objectives, goals and values are and then providing a solution based around this information. If that means pulling bits and pieces out of our programs into a tailor made solution then that’s what we do.