10X Testimonials

Karen Hamilton

Carl and his team are knowledgeable, friendly and very approachable.  Nothing is ever a problem.  Time frames set are efficient and adhered to.  Follow up and accountability are excellent and very motivating.  We have learnt so much by working with them.  Our business has grown considerably due to our work with Carl and his team.


W Hamilton Builders Limited

Before coaching I was unable to process how we could really move forward in our business, but with Carl, Abby and the team that's all changed.  There has been much more contact that I expected, Carl is especially quick to come back on the ideas we have and has really good insight into our goals, which is great when we can sometimes can't see the forest for the trees.  We have a lot more direction which is really exciting.  The team there is awesome, passionate and a pleasure to be involved with.  Best value for money investment our business could have made.


Yvonne Reeves, Bruce's Fitness Centre, Te Awamutu

When I was first considering hiring a Business Coach, I was hesitant, because I was concerned about the extra work it might require as well as the cost. Once I became acquainted with Jennifer Myers, however, I liked her attitude and felt we could work well together. As a result of participating in coaching with Jennifer and 10X, I have learned to become more specific when I delegate tasks to my team, thereby helping to ensure those tasks don’t fall back on my lap! I have also incorporated dedicated “planning time” into my week and have a clearer vision of the priorities in my business.

I would definitely recommend 10X Hamilton/Waikato to other business owners, as I know from my personal experience that others will benefit from getting help.


Rhonda Young, NZ Dry Cleaners, Hamilton

I was definitely hesitant to work with 10X because of the financial outlay and because of past experience with business coaches; however, I definitely needed someone to motivate me. Jennifer and 10X have provided the encouragement and confidence I needed to ‘get out there’!


Daniel Irvine, Central Radio Services, Dunedin

The things that we value most of being a 10X client are:

  1. The proactive nature of the 10X team and the challenges of our sometimes pre-conceived ideas to promote/ stimulate alternatives that we hadn’t perhaps considered or had written off for various reasons


Mary Collins, Vibra-Train, Hamilton

Having had prior experience with a different group coaching programme that I really didn’t feel I gained anything from, I was understandably hesitant to work with 10X. However, now that I’ve had the “kick in the butt” that I needed, I would definitely recommend that other business owners take advantage of the programmes 10X has to offer.


Tania & Kyle Elmer, Mana Property Management Ltd, Dunedin

We have found the business coaching through 10X has allowed us to focus on the important aspects of the business while providing that accountability you need when you run your own business.


James and Chrissy Taylor, World of Pets, Hamilton & Cambridge

Due to the size of our business, we were unsure whether we needed the services of a business coach. After some consideration, we decided that, as a husband-and-wife team, we would benefit from enlisting a qualified “outsider” who could provide impartial advice and support. Since we have been working with 10X, we have been able to begin formalising our business processes and procedures.

Before 10X stepped in, our business was run in a very informal fashion. Since then, it has been great to spend time working “on” the business and to see the fruits of our planning in the form of formalised and documented systems and processes. Both Chrissy and I would recommend that other business owners take advantage of what 10X have to offer, as we feel they can be a valuable tool for bettering your business.


Karlos Barltrop, CT Business Solutions, Dunedin

The main things we love about 10X:

  • Carl is always available to talk – even if it’s urgent or last minute.
  • So professional yet personal too.
  • 10x makes things happen – if we weren’t part of 10x we wouldn’t be as far ahead as we are.
  • The group brainstorming is invaluable –forum provides lots of strategies for sorting out problems/opportunities
  • Tracking our accounts has helped us already by helping us focus on goals and making sure we achieve them
  • Being held accountable at 10x meetings means we have to deliver!
  • We would highly recommend 10x to people in business whether they are new to the game or have been in business for years.


Stuart and Sandra Walker, NT Joinery, Te Awamutu

Before Stuart and I came on board with 10X, we were really indecisive about what direction we needed to take our business, so that made us hesitant to work with Jennifer and 10X. Ultimately, after a goal-setting session with Jennifer as well as some encouragement from our accountant, we took the plunge and we haven’t looked back! What we have gained through our work with the 10X team is the knowledge, confidence and clarity of vision to be able to take our business where we always knew it could go. Additionally, for the first time, I feel our leadership team are really on the same page with regards to what needs to happen going forward.

I would definitely recommend that other business owners who are struggling with setting their future direction or who are lacking the skills or confidence to get to the next level consider working with 10X. We’re certainly glad we did and are looking forward to setting the bar higher and achieving even more during 2012.


Blair McNab Plumbing Limited, Dunedin

Thanks Carl for your expert advise and helping me to focus on the positive points and heading me in the right direction.

An outside point of view is sometimes what you need.



So based on the great feedback above, isn’t it time for you to consider making the 10X difference!